7 January 2014

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My Tumblr turned 6 yesterday :0

My Tumblr turned 6 yesterday :0

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8 October 2011

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“When his friend and mentor Raiders owner Al Davis called Parcells to check in, Parcells relayed his injury issues. Parcell’s: “Al, I am just not sure how we can win without so many of our best players. What should I do?” Davis replied: “Bill, nobody cares, just coach your team.””

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8 September 2011

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7 September 2011

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Nike MAG: “McFly’s Closet”

Great Scott! The Air McFly is REAL.

1 September 2011

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25 August 2011

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I remember when Steve was my neighbor in Woodside, Calif., and he had no furniture. It struck me that there wasn’t furniture good enough for Steve in the world. He’d rather have nothing if he couldn’t have perfection.

And I jokingly said, “The difference between me and Steve is that I’m willing to live with the best the world can provide. With Steve that’s not always good enough.” And if you look at how he tackles building a phone, or building a laptop, he really is in pursuit of this technical and aesthetic perfection. And he just won’t compromise.

24 February 2011

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23 February 2011

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